Short facts

Fredrik Påhlsson
Fredrik Påhlsson
  • Father of three and husband.
  • Founder and headmaster of compulsory schools in Sweden
  • Salvationist at The Salvation Army, Linköping Corps, Sweden.
  • Research and development work for the Swedish National Agency for Education and Ministry of Education
  • Lector in music education and Ph. Lic.
  • Founder and director/keyboardist of Mercy Gospel Choir (www.mercygospel.com)
  • Founder and director/keyboardist of Joyful Voice.
  • Founder of Source of Joy (gospel choir at the Stockholm South Corps/Stockholm 7)
  • Guest instructor and mentor for choirs and music teachers
  • Music teacher with assignments at Katedralskolan, Linköping and Linköping University
  • Part of the National School of Research in Music Pedagogics
  • Has (or at least had:-) classic percussion as his main instrument.
  • Educated at  the Royal Academy of Music (KMH) in Stockholm by lecturers like mr Quincy Jones and mr Benny Andersson (of ABBA)
  • Expert in Music Methodology (i.e. how to learn children 6-18 music )
  • Has worked together with well know Swedish  and international artists and acts.
International Staff Songsters & Joyful Voice
International Staff Songsters & Joyful Voice
Fredrik on keys
Fredrik on keys