I’m back…

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Dear all,

After quite a while away from this blog I’m back.

The resent years have been very very hectic. Most of my time I have put in to our school project, opening a new school, and developing it in many ways.

This has been giving me a lot of experience and has been very challenging. Now I’m glad to see that my music work once agian can come in focus.

Now a Ph.Lic.

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Monday the 13th of June, 2011, I defended my thesis.

I am very glad to have succeeded in my studies at the National Research School in Music Education. My subject of the thesis is “Equivalent assessment in music education in Swedish compulsory schools”.

My official title is now Ph.Lic. (licentiate of philosophy, pre-doctoral degree)… I still like to be called just Fredrik though 🙂

A big thanks to all who have supported me in work and prayers!

Big attention for Småskolan i local newspaper

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On Easter Saturday local newspaper, Östgötacorrespondenten, had a full page on Småskolan (Little school), the public school we, Jessica and I, are starting the coming fall. We are so glad for the attention. Unfortunately there where a number of errors of facts in the article (they printed a working text, not the proofread one). The “correct” text can be found on the Småskolan homepage: www.smaskolan.se (unfortunately only in Swedish).

Presentations at the RIME Conference in Exeter

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Right now in Exeter, UK, presenting my research on Equivalent Assessment in Music.
Meeting old friends and getting to know new ones as well. Great fun and very interesting indeed.

To the conference participants:
If you… for any reason… are interested in the slides from my presentation;
Don’t hesitate to contact me. fredrik@pahlsson.info.

Lecturing at Linköping University

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Once again I have the great privillege to lecture at Linköping University.

This semester I will lecture on “Music of the Nordic Countries”, in the
Nordic Culture Course for exchange students. (Course homepage)

I have also the big privillege to lecture in a (for me) new course for all the students
in teacher training, year one, at Linköping Univerity. The lecture is titled “Music education
in the Swedish school system”. Great fun.

Presentation at RIME Conference, Exeter, UK

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RESEARCH & ISSUES IN MUSIC EDUCATION (ISME) is one of the biggest societies for research connected to Music Education.

In mid April a big conference will be held in Exeter, UK (Last year held in Beijing, China). At this conference I will present my research work on Equal Assessment in Music Education in Swedish Secondary Schools. It is a great joy to have been chosen as one of the presenters. In addition to that I will be a part of a seminar/symposium entitled “The perils, possibilities and practices of assessment in music
education”, an European view on music assessment, where I have been asked to talk a little about “Equal assessment of musical knowledge in relation of creativity and holistic musical